Seamless Healthcare Management With CGM EMR by CompuGroup Medical

Seamless Healthcare Management With CGM EMR by CompuGroup Medical

With CGM EMR by CompuGroup Medical, FQHCs and Community Health Centers get premium software and services to ease the administrative burden, mitigate costly denials, and maximize reimbursements. Choose an integrated EHR and PM solution to get it all from a single trusted vendor or create a full-featured workflow at your existing practice with our CGM APRIMA EHR system. 

Efficient Scheduling 

In a fast-paced world, patients expect the same level of service in their interactions with their healthcare providers as they do with their bank, airline or grocery store. But this can be difficult when a practice is trying to meet patient demand while ensuring that the clinic runs smoothly. The key is efficiency. 

To maximize the productivity of your staff and physicians, schedulers need to be able to prioritize appointments based on a number of criteria. A good system will allow them to create a triage chart, which rates symptoms based on urgency and appointment length, allowing the scheduler to work in the highest priority cases first. It will also give the scheduler the ability to see a complete list of patients in order of priority, and it should provide the option to quickly “compress” or in-fill the remaining spots in the day’s agenda. 

As the healthcare industry moves towards new care delivery and provider reimbursement models, it is critical to be able to track performance metrics. CGM EMR is designed to support these requirements with a flexible, integrated system that provides a single application for practice management and an electronic medical record. 

Our eMDs Schedule module maximizes office productivity by making physician and equipment scheduling quick and easy. It’s a customizable and intuitive tool for physicians, schedulers, and front office staff to help them manage upcoming visits in the most efficient way possible. It provides a comprehensive, integrated view of all the patient information you need to manage your practice, including documentation, patient health records, reports and billing data in one place. With options for both a hosted or on-premises system, CGM webPRACTICE is an affordable and reliable choice for your practice. 

Efficient Billing 

Streamline the access to information at your practice with CGM’s highly-advanced EHR/EMR and medical billing solutions. Whether you need an integrated PM and EHR system from one trusted vendor or a standalone medical billing software solution, our comprehensive suite of healthcare management solutions will save your practice time and money while putting the focus back on patient care. 

Designed for medical practices, laboratories and ambulatory centers, our fully-integrated PM/EHR systems offer a robust set of tools to manage the revenue cycle. These include appointment scheduling, claims submission and payment remittance, denials management, real-time insurance eligibility verification and online statement delivery. Our powerful RCM solutions also provide Meaningful Use reporting and UDS tracking to ensure you’re maximizing your Medicare reimbursements. 

CGM assigned a dedicated coder to work with the client to improve their coding levels. Using CGM’s medical coding analysis and claim scrubbing solution, webCoder, they saw their claims reimbursed at a higher rate. 

A community health center in the newly independent nation of Timor-Leste needed a sophisticated. Secure and cost-effective EHR/PM system to manage its unique RCM and reporting requirements. Choosing to deploy CGM APRIMA EHR and the CGM ENTERPRISE PM system. The organization was able to maximize its Medicare incentive payments. 

In addition, the community health center was able to reduce its operational costs with CGM webPRACTICE PM. With its web-based, or SaaS, design, the system enables physicians to manage the billing. And practice management functions of their practices from anywhere with an Internet connection. 

In the laboratory environment, CGM LABDAQ is the leading lab information system in the United States. Combined with the web-based, HIPAA-certified telemedicine platform. ELVI, providers can connect to patients from a variety of devices and see them face-to-face using videoconferencing. With offices in the United States and around the world. CompuGroup Medical is a trusted partner for premium practice management, EHR and lab information systems like ZooBook EHR

Efficient Patient Communication 

As patients seek more care outside the traditional office setting, they expect efficient points of interaction with their providers. Secure messaging, video visits, and appointment scheduling are a few of the many ways that CompuGroup Medical helps patients and providers connect with one another. 

As a world-class leader in e-health solutions, CompuGroup Medical provides healthcare organizations with intuitive software backed by renowned support and services. From practice management and EHRs to laboratory information systems, telehealth, and a full suite of revenue cycle management solutions, our software and services are in use across the country and around the globe. 

The Teche Action Clinic was looking to implement an all-in-one EHR-PM solution that would help them achieve their clinical, administrative and operational goals. Top priorities included optimizing billing, claims and collections. Addressing Meaningful Use and UDS reporting; and improving efficiency in documentation, referral tracking and follow-up processes. 

To streamline their documentation processes, Teche Action Clinic turned to the pattern recognition feature in CGM ENTERPRISE EHR. The pattern feature allows physicians to quickly view a list of previous orders based on specific clinical and coding criteria. This helps them to save time and improve document quality while also ensuring accurate coding and billing. 

CGM PATIENT PORTAL gives providers and patients easy access to important documents, messages and forms from anywhere at any time. Its simple interface and functionality allow users to upload continuity of care records, securely message with their provider, and schedule appointments*. 

Having a reliable clearinghouse partner is crucial for FQHCs and Community Health Centers (CHC). CompuGroup Medical’s eMEDIX Reimbursement Solutions helps clients manage the unique revenue cycle challenges of these healthcare organizations by processing encounter claims in real-time, mitigating costly denials and maximizing reimbursements. 

Efficient Patient Self-Management 

A robust patient portal enables patients to easily manage their healthcare with online access to their medical records, billing and appointment information. A simple login and password allows users to quickly and securely log in from any location with an internet connection. 

CGM’s portal can be integrated into a physician’s existing website, or can be hosted on a secure, encrypted server for complete patient privacy and compliance with HIPAA regulations. The portal is mobile-friendly and optimized for use on smartphones, tablets and laptops. 

The portal can also integrate with CGM’s lab information system, or LIS, to allow physicians to see test results and clinical data directly within the patient portal. This helps to increase patient engagement and improve care coordination with providers and other healthcare professionals. 

In addition to enhancing the patient journey, CGM EMR can help reduce the administrative burden on doctors and their staffs by automating many time-consuming tasks such as claim submissions and tracking patient payments. This frees up resources and allows healthcare professionals to spend more time focusing on what matters most- providing high quality care to their patients. 

With offices located across the United States and worldwide, CompuGroup Medical is a leading eHealth provider with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that includes practice management and electronic health records (EMR) software, laboratory information systems, telehealth and revenue cycle management (RCM). 

From patient self-management and scheduling, to lab information and reporting, and payment processing and billing, our solutions can help doctors, laboratories and medical billing services focus on what matters most. 

The company’s world-class solutions, backed by superior support and service, are utilized by thousands of healthcare providers, laboratories, medical billing services and hospitals around the globe to facilitate improved clinical documentation and speedy revenue acquisition so they can put their attention back where it belongs- on patient care. CompuGroup Medical solutions include CGM LABDAQ and its leading laboratory information system, CGM webPRACTICE for medical practices and eMEDIX Reimbursement Solutions to streamline claims submission and payment processing with one of the industry’s fastest turnaround times. Learn more about the solutions and how they can benefit your organization by contacting a sales rep or filling out the form below. 

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